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Now Open in Panama City

Gulf Coast O&P is now seeing patients in our new Panama City facility at 2405 Jenks Avenue. For appointments call the new office at 850-784-0320.

Transportation a Problem?

No problem! GCOP is pleased to offer complete in-home prosthetic services for clients with transportation difficulties. Call our office for details.

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Limb Prosthetics


Whether the result of a medical condition, an accident or a congenital deficiency, the loss of a limb need not rob you of your independence. Our well-trained and licensed practitioners have the knowledge, tools and resources to bring you back to your favorite activities.

No two amputees’ needs and aspirations are the same, which is why every limb we create is one of a kind. Your prosthesis will be customized to your specific capabilities and lifestyle desires with quality components, meticulous fitting, and relentless follow-up. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Leading-Edge Technology: Our resource network includes top componentry manufacturers from around the world. Here’s a brief sampling of products that are revolutionizing the fascinating field of prosthetic rehabilitation.


Microprocessor-controlled (MPC) knee systems are revolutionizing prosthetic rehabilitation for above-knee amputees. Achieving a reliable, effective gait with a conventional knee component has been an on-going challenge for patients and practitioners alike. MPC knees such as the C-Leg®, Plié® and Rheo Knee® solve that problem by correctly positioning the leg for each step by adapting in real time to current terrain, conditions and the wearer’s gait dynamics. Relieved of the stress of concentrating on every step, wearers can focus on the important things in life again; moreover, their gait becomes more energy-efficient, and risk of falling is substantially reduced.


Dynamic-response feet reduce the effort and improve the mechanics of prosthetic ambulation. As the leg moves into weight-bearing, internal plates in the foot deflect, storing energy, which then is released in late-stance to help propel the limb forward, producing an expanded range of motion and a more symmetric gait. Many different models are available, from which we select the most appropriate foot for each patient’s unique needs and physiology.


Advanced socket designs. At Gulf Coast, we have a keen appreciation for the essential role a comfortable and durable total-contact socket plays in achieving prosthetic success. Every socket we create is fully customized to confirm intimately to the wearer’s residual limb, enabling a secure, energy-efficient gait and maximum possible freedom of motion. We begin with a detailed analysis and a precise model of your residual limb, then create your socket using the latest in advanced thermoplastic materials to deliver maximum performance with minimum personal fatigue.


“No-suspense” suspension. Nothing is more important to an amputee wearing a prosthesis than keeping the socket firmly anchored to the residual limb. By providing secure suspension, a prosthetic liner can be a game-changer in enabling you to achieve your rehabilitation goals. A liner not only provides valuable cushioning between your residual limb and socket but also improves the security of your attachment to your prosthesis by means of an integrated locking pin or lanyard.


Another valuable suspension aid is vacuum assist, which helps maintain secure limb attachment despite the 6-12% residual limb volume reduction typically experienced by prosthetic limb wearers during the course of a normal day. Vacuum systems maintain the intimate fit of the wearer’s liner against the inner socket wall to keep the prosthetic limb securely attached and reduce shear forces on the residual limb.  Vacuum systems further improve the wearer’s spatial awareness of the prosthetic limb, leading to improved balance, stability and control.

At Gulf Coast Orthotics & Prosthetics, our goal is to restore your quality of life as quickly as possible with quality care, service, and the most appropriate rehabilitation device for your capabilities and lifestyle desires.